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The IAC company plans a second paint hangar at Teruel Airport and the creation of 150 jobs until 2026


Lambán advances the international conference promoted by Arex to promote the Teruel aerospace hub

Updated 01/17/2023 13:59 Presidency of the Government

The company International Aeroespace Coatings (IAC) intends to build a second paint hangar at Teruel Airport, where it has recently been awarded one for the next 25 years and in which it will employ between 80 and 90 workers between this year and next. coming. With an investment of 20 million euros, it plans to develop a second, even larger warehouse, where it can generate 60 more jobs in 2026.

In addition, company managers have informed the President of Aragon that their current project will be fully operational in September 2023, with staff training beginning next February.

Entity International Aerospace Coatings Limited has recently been awarded a 25-year assignment of a hangar at Teruel Airport. The main managers of the firm, Gordon Ryan and Emmett Moran, have communicated their expansion plans framed in the potential in the region and of this airport, which has already become an aerospace hub.

His forecast is, once the initiative that begins to work in 2023 is stabilized, to undertake a second major investment, also dedicated to painting -in which it would take about two years to develop- and extra activities on the takeoff and landing runway and in the airport parking area. Among the activities allowed in the concession are all those related to aircraft painting and aeronautical activities, for which reason it presents itself as a CAMO company, that is, those that offer integral solutions to guarantee the airworthiness of its clients, either at the request of air operators, owners of private aircraft and/or lessors related to engineering services.

Entrepreneurs, who have assured that they already have an important portfolio of clients, will maintain subsequent contacts with the Department of Economy to better understand the entire line of aid that they can opt for to develop their project, in addition to expediting the necessary procedures.

The President of Aragon, Javier Lambán, has expressed his satisfaction for presenting another new project in Teruel, a city and a province that, as he has repeated on numerous occasions, every day adds new reasons to renounce complexes and deploy all its capabilities. This initiative, together with the takeoff from the airport through the company Tarmac and the installation of the company PLD Space (dedicated to the manufacture of rockets), as well as Sceye, a company that will install its European base for stratospheric observation flights in Teruel land and telecommunications, contribute to consolidate.

These projects contribute to the development of the strategic projects agenda of the Government of Aragon, promote the creation of highly qualified employment and position Aragon as a European center for aerospace technology, research and innovation.

Precisely, Lambán has also advanced that on February 1 an international conference promoted by Arex, "Teruel, strategic hub of the world aeroindustry", will be held to promote the Teruel aerospace hub. The event will feature important speakers representing the world of business and technology, which will reinforce the visibility and positioning of Teruel airport and to try to encourage the interest that it already arouses throughout the international industry in the sector and attract more investment. With this, the Aragonese economy is increasingly diversified, based on sectors with a universal vocation, according to the Aragonese president.

The company

IAC is the world leader in aircraft paint, interiors and graphics with nine state-of-the-art facilities in the United States and Europe. It has 22 lines, processing more than 1,000 aircraft a year, and works in all segments of the aviation industry, including commercial, military and general aviation. IAC's European headquarters are located at Shannon Airport in County Clare, Ireland, and its US headquarters are in Irvine, California.

For the company, Teruel airport represents a great expansion opportunity due to its geographical proximity to customers and the location of the largest aircraft maintenance, long-term storage and recycling facility in Europe (it has capacity for 1 aircraft widebody or 2 narrowbody).

The President of Aragon, Javier Lambán, receives the heads of the company Entity International Aerospace Coatings Limited, Gordon Ryan and Emmett Moran. Author photo: LUIS CORREAS Government of Aragon.

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