Fireflighter simulation

The airport complies with ICAO drills normative to ensure a prompt action in case of emergency. The emergency drills are conducted in airside and landside.

According to the Self-Protection Plan of the Teruel Airport, it is performed drills of aircraft accidents to evaluate the ability of reaction, the degree of coordination and response time of the groups and institutions involved in the care of an aviation emergency.

In these drills there are various equipment activated, so the PMA and the PMP are management by the corresponding controls. At the meeting point it is concentrated media vehicles entering orderly to the areas of the accident: ambulances, medical supplies, vehicles, communications, land rescue groups, among others.

With these exercises, Teruel Airport complies with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) regarding the emergency planning at airports, according to which it should be performed periodically mock commercial airplane accidents in the airport.

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