Competitive advantages

PLATA is configured as an exclusive new model airport platform of unique features, created for the purpose of finding solutions to the necessary restructuring of the aviation industry in Europe. It is a new area of general aviation oriented for business services, specializing in long term parking, recycling and aircraft maintenance.

Factor for profitability

  1. The largest and most modern industrial aeronautical platform in Europe: total area of 540 ha, 2,825-m runway, parking area for up to 400 aircraft, and a 33-ha industrial zone.
  2. Exclusivity: PLATA is an exclusive industrial aeronautical hub for activities that include long-term parking, recycling, aircraft maintenance and other related aviation activities.
  3. Suborbital flights: selected as the most suitable airport in Europe for the development of suborbital flights by the prestigious French National Aeronautics School, ENAC.
  4. Hangar rental: It may be possible to build hangars in accordance with specific needs of our customers.
  5. Qualified technical staff: Teruel and its surrounding areas provide a source of available technical staff that are qualified for all kinds of aeronautical activities.
  6. Location: Spain, (Southern Europe), in Teruel, which provides easy access to parts of the country that represent 60% of GDP.
  7. Free airspace: Teruel boasts airspace that is completely free and has no restrictions on the development of any aeronautical activity.
  8. Climate: Dry and sunny. 242 days of sunshine per year.
  9. Quality of life: Teruel and its magnificent surroundings offers an excellent setting for the development of all kinds of professional and personal activity.
  10. Railway access.
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