Environmental responsability

PLATA, in order to make compatible the provision of airport services with the conservation of the environment, is conducting a comprehensive set of environmental actions during all phases of their business.

The airport provides a repair environmental damage system according to which, the actions that may cause damage to natural resources or threaten to cause it measures necessary to prevent its causation or action will be taken, if the damage occurred, limiting or prevent further environmental damage.

The airport pursues a series of procedures to comply with environmental regulations. We have carried out some compensatory measures for the location of this infrastructure.

Some of the activities which it follows in the airport are:

  • La implementación de una correcta práctica y una buena conducta en lo relacionado con el medio ambiente.
  • The implementation of proper conduct and good practice in relation to the environment.
  • Monitoring, compliance and enforcement of existing environmental laws.
  • Analysis of the airport in the environment.
  • Energy saving by installing energy saving light bulbs and avoiding unnecessary consumption.
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