The platform is located in Spain, in the southern part of the Region of Aragón, close to the town of Teruel. It is a privileged location, less than 2 hours away by air from the major European cities and 2.5 hours away by road and rail from Spain’s main economic centres, which account for 60% of the country’s GDP and are home to 25 million inhabitants.

Plata is located 12 kilometers from Teruel, a small city with 35.000 inhabitants, comfortable, accessible and boasting all kinds of services:

  • Easy overland access through the Mudéjar dual carriageway and the future Cantabrian-Mediaterranean high-velocity railway.
  • Direct connection with Sagunto and Valencia harbours.
  • Availability of land at competitive prices.
  • All this in addition to the presence of the Plataforma Logística Empresarial Platea (Platea Business Logistics Platform), which has 260 hectare undergoing full development, with railway access to the airport installations.
  • Excellent climate: dry and sunny with 242 days of sunshine each year.
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