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Success X Anniversary with open doors held at the Teruel Airport

On Saturday, March 25, 2023, an open day took place at the Teruel Airport in commemoration of its X Anniversary since its opening to air traffic.

The public attendance was around 10,000 people, thus demonstrating the public's interest in the airport facilities. The influx was continuous throughout the day, with no traffic jams at the airport entrances and with numerous users using the free bus service leaving from Dinópolis throughout the day. There have been no incidents and the organization of some 300 people coordinated the event from a control center, CECOR. Added to this is the device deployed by both the Civil Guard and the National Police to guarantee the security and proper functioning of the event, their collaboration being essential.

From early in the morning, the many attendees who waited for the doors to open were able to observe the airport facilities and the different aerial materials located in the parking apron and inside the A380 double hangar, which could be visited by visitors.

Two parked Tarmac Aragon type A340 and A330 aircraft could be observed, located in front of the maintenance hangars, as well as an aircraft engine and large aircraft landing gear. PLD Space collaborated by exhibiting an engine from MIURA 1, the rocket engine that is scheduled to be launched into space in the coming months. The Civil Guard deployed its own stand with specialized personnel and the PEGASO team, as well as a CN 235 plane and an H135 helicopter. The National Police collaborated with a helicopter and an EHANG216 megadron, with capacity for one person and which caught the attention of those attending the event.

The Army also parked a reconnaissance drone inside its stand on the parking platform and the Airpull flight school parked a small plane with which they conduct pilot training. A 6-meter-diameter balloon courtesy of Ibercaja could also be seen on the parking platform, as well as a stall selling military memorabilia and a photo booth with souvenir photos from the airport. Finally, in the parking area, next to the restaurant area, it was possible to see two fire trucks from the airport together with a snowplow ceded for the exhibition by the General Directorate of Roads of the Government of Spain.

One of the most striking places with a large influx of public was the A380 double hangar, which impressed the attendees due to its dimensions of some 18,000 m2 of bay and 25,000 m of entrance platform and where different company stands could be seen inside. such as Elson Space, BP, IAC, SCEYE, professional drones from the Delsat company, 2 Rimauto electric vehicles and 8 model airplanes belonging to collaborating clubs attached to the Aragonese Federation of Air Sports Alas Aragonesas Aeromodelling and Teruel Aeromodelling.

One of the most significant events of the open house was when the attendees were able to enjoy several passes through the runway of two F-18 aircraft from the 15th Wing and the A400M transport aircraft from the 31st Wing of the Air Force and from space. These aircraft showed their ability to maneuver to the attendees with turns and passes through the sky of Teruel.

The Teruel Airport Consortium appreciates the collaboration of all the companies participating in the event, which allowed for a successful day at the airport facilities, as well as the Civil Protection volunteers, health personnel from 061 and the Red Cross, which together with the state security bodies and forces allowed the day to unfold in the best possible way without incidents.

A380 double hangar front view

Students of Aerospace Engineering in Madrid

Group of 36 students with their teachers next to the maintenance hangar and an aircraft

National Police Drone

Megadron EHANG216

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