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Approved the PIGA for the expansion of the Teruel Airport


The Governing Council has approved the Aragon General Interest Project for the expansion of the Teruel Airport promoted by the Teruel Airport Consortium. With this PIGA, the area will be expanded by almost 195 hectares for long-term parking of aircraft and for carrying out other aeronautical activities. In this way, the growth of the activity is promoted and the demand of companies in the sector can be met. During these months progress has already been made in the expropriation of the necessary land with an investment of 2,972,000 euros.

It will allow the total area of the airport to be expanded to 550 hectares, firmly betting on the expansion of spaces to attract new activities and new companies that can settle in the airport.

The investment proposed to carry out this PIGA is 31,659,095.57 euros and will be carried out in a phase with three stages. In the first three years, the general urbanization will be carried out with an intervention on the expropriated land, perimeter fencing, replacement of roads with the creation of a perimeter road and the necessary actions to subsequently develop the paving of the countryside. Included in this phase are earthworks, the construction of a lamination tank, the creation of the drainage network or the channeling of the Rambla de los Molinares. The budget for this phase is 15,248,578.52 euros.

From the fourth to the seventh year, paving works will be carried out on the field and the construction of some hangars and warehouses. 8,186,312.35 euros are allocated to these works.

In the last three years, and with a budget of 8,224,204.70 euros, the paving of the existing field will be completed, the Hondo ravine will be channeled and the construction of more hangars and warehouses is also contemplated.

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