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The European project seeks a solution for the composite polymers used in aircraft

After the selection of the project by Europe, work is being done on the preparation of the necessary documents so that, in summer, the subsidy is confirmed Governing Council of Teruel Airport

Teruel Airport participates in the European H2020 BIZENTE project focused on solving the end-of-life problem of thermosetting composite polymers that make up aircraft by introducing biodegradable materials. The objective of this project is to reduce, by up to 40%, the materials that must be incinerated or taken to landfills. The proposal for this project, which is presented to the Horizon 2020 program: Research and Innovation Framework Program, has just passed a new stage and is already in the preparation of the agreement, and all the necessary documentation, so that it can be confirmed , in summer, this subsidy. It involves 9 entities from Denmark, Holland, France, Italy and Spain. This is a project with a total amount of 3,182,571 euros of which Europe will finance up to 2,509,342.3 euros and a duration of 48 months.

The technique, in addition to being applied in the aeronautical sector, also seeks to move to the field of automotive, renewable and industrial energy systems.

The Consejero of Vertebration of the Territory, Mobility and Housing, José Luis Soro, stressed that "Teruel Airport is committed to R + D + I and its presence in those actions that serve for sustainable development and the vanguard in terms of environment". These types of projects "also place us on the international map in the field of innovation and aeronautics and, of course, within an area as specific as the recovery of aircraft materials."

For his part, the General Manager of the Teruel Airport, Alejandro Ibrahim, said that "the part of the Teruel Airport, with airport personnel that will focus on the project, has been quantified a total of 139,250 euros of which a total of 111,400 euros will be subsidized by Europe. The role of the Teruel Airport will have two routes, on the one hand, analyzing the market and seeing which pieces are more recommended to propose the most appropriate valuation routes and, on the other hand, as a space for the development of some of the pilot tests.

This project involves: AITIIP Foundation, Evoenzyme SL, Technische Universiteit Delft, European Composit Recycling Technology, Specific Polymers, Biosphere SRL, University of Cádiz, Teruel Airport, Acciona Construcción SA, Aernnova Engineering Division SAU. 

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