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Teruel Airport will celebrate its X Anniversary with an open day in 2023


It is expected that on Saturday, March 25, 2023, the open day will take place to celebrate the X Operational Anniversary of the Teruel airport, with numerous participating companies and civil and military aircraft.

As indicated, the objective is to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the start-up of the airport since it began its air operations in March 2013. From morning to mid-afternoon different activities will be scheduled with the collaboration of the companies installed at the airport, Army of the Air, the Civil Guard, the National Police among other institutions and collaborators.

More than 15,000 people are expected to attend this event, surpassing the record numbers for the V Anniversary in 2018, which reached up to 12,000 attendees. For this reason, 2 parking areas will be set up in the south and north with a total capacity for more than 8,000 vehicles.

It is worth noting the great economic and social profitability of this infrastructure for the city and its surrounding towns, remembering that since 2013 it has continued to grow exponentially. That is why on this day it wants to make itself known to the people of Teruel, with an open house that allows all citizens to know the facilities and spend a pleasant day getting to know the airport and its activities.

Teruel Airport entered into operational service in March 2013, and the project began to generate jobs from its start-up with an evolution that has made it the largest parking, maintenance, aircraft recycling and innovation center in Europe.

In these 10 years since its opening, the land area has practically doubled, acquiring an extension of 200 additional hectares to grow in area to 540 million m2 and position itself as the 3rd largest airport in Spain in terms of area, only behind from Madrid and Barcelona.

Hangars with capacity for type B747 have been built, another for A320, as well as a hangar for painting large aircraft, and this year a hangar with capacity for 2 A380 is expected to be completed, being a unique hangar in Spain and which will allow the creation of new job positions. Similarly, 2 warehouses have been built for the storage of aeronautical parts operated by Airbus, as well as the construction of 3 warehouses for executive aviation. During this time, four phases of the long-term parking area have been paved, completing the last one in 2022, and a space area has been set up for testing the PLD Space rocket engines. In sustainability, there is a photovoltaic plant and an expansion soon as well as other actions in parking platforms, fuel and handling services.

In addition to all this, the airport has become a center for research, development, innovation and training, in collaboration with the University of Zaragoza.

Air Force planes, commercial planes, medicalized helicopters and the Security Forces, as well as small planes and drones, are expected to participate during this event.

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