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Teruel Airport and Aragón Film Commission sign an agreement to promote filming



Teruel Airport has become one of the most attractive and demanded infrastructures in Aragon for filming movies and commercials. In order to promote the arrival of new filming at these facilities, the Teruel Airport Consortium and Aragón Film Commission have signed a collaboration agreement on Tuesday.

The collaboration between both entities would make it possible to combine efforts, experiences and resources to expand the offer of filming spaces and the development of audiovisual content and film projects. The uniqueness of the Teruel Airport constitutes an added value since it allows it to specialize in attracting projects that require scenarios related to aeronautics. It also allows generating synergies with the companies that operate at the airport.

José Luis Soro, Coinsejero of Territorial Structure and President of the Teruel Airport Consortium, has pointed out that "it is a highly valued location because we have the facilities of an airport, but without the strict restrictions of other similar infrastructures" and added "It places us in a privileged position to be chosen by the producers."

Although the activity related to filming is not the main occupation of the airport, it also generates income for its operation and, "most importantly, it generates economic activity in Teruel," explained Soro. In these 10 years, 55 actions have taken place between filming and photographic reports.

The management of Aragón Film Commission was entrusted a year ago by the Government of Aragón to the Aragonese Radio and Television Corporation (CARTV). Francisco Querol, general director of the chain, has stressed that the airport has been well used from the point of view of advertising and now the challenge is to attract more feature films and fiction. "With this agreement, it is intended to generate a different business at the airport, generate wealth through audiovisual activity, fix population and, at the same time, show Teruel's tourist attractions," said the general director.

The characteristics of Teruel Airport allow it to host audiovisual productions in a way that is compatible with its main activity. Its facilities, especially the open track area, have been the setting for multiple filming to date, such as the feature films 'García y García'; advertisements such as FIFA2014, Toyota Corolla, Volvo and Mercedes; video clips like The Chemical Brothers in 2015.

As relevant data, it stands out that 400 people participated in the filming of films such as "García y García" and there was activity at the airport for two months. The 2021 Mercedes ad involved 9 days of filming and mobilized 100 people. The filming of FIFA2014 was also especially relevant, in which 300 people participated over 10 days.

The purpose of the Teruel Airport Consortium is to promote and manage the entire airport infrastructure and the complementary activities or services provided there. In order to develop its potential as a location for film and advertising localizers, it will now be supported by the Aragón Film Commission. For its part, the Aragón Film Commission has among its objectives the identification of a sufficiently wide and versatile offer of locations to satisfy the multiple needs of production companies.

This agreement will be valid for one year and may be extended annually, up to a maximum of four more years. A mixed commission made up of representatives of the Teruel Airport Consortium and the Aragón Film Commission will promote as many actions as are necessary to meet the objectives.

The objective of the Aragón Film Commission is to promote Aragón as an attractive film land for the development of audiovisual content in order to grow the local audiovisual industry, attract talent from outside the Community and generate more wealth and employment.

At the same time, it works on attracting filming and providing services to production companies, in areas ranging from financial advice to accompaniment in procedures, permits and locations.In addition, it has a wide directory of professional services, promotes green shoots, promotes training and coordination with the network of cinema spaces that already exists in Aragon.

The Teruel Airport Consortium will be in charge of searching for possible scenarios and unique locations within its facilities according to the references received.

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