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The facility turns ten years in 2023 and will do so by expanding activities thanks to the paint hangar and the new hangar with capacity for two A380s.

The Governing Council of the Teruel Airport Consortium has taken stock of the year 2022 at its last meeting of the year. In the blended meeting held today, the President of the Consortium and the Consejero Vertebración del Territorio, Movilidad y Vivienda, José Luis Soro, highlighted that around 20 million euros have been invested this year to continue expanding the facilities and generate more business opportunities and more employment.

Among the most outstanding actions are the more than 13 million invested in total already in the construction of the new hangar with capacity for up to two A380, the paving of the fourth phase of the parking, the paving of the temporary parking areas, the creation of a road in the spatial zone or the expropriations, with almost 3 million euros paid, for the future extension of the Teruel Airport.

The Consejero Soro referred to "the constant investment adapted to the needs of the companies that guarantee the future of this pioneering facility and which is consolidated as a European benchmark".

José Luis Soro stressed that 2023 will be a very prosperous year for this facility, also coinciding with its tenth anniversary, a date "on which we will have to celebrate the collective success of this facility."

Regarding the infrastructures, the hangar works will be completed this spring, with capacity for up to two A380s, which will mean being able to expand the work of aircraft conservation, generating dozens of jobs.

In addition, in the coming weeks, the process for granting the use of the new painting hangar will conclude, generating a new activity, annual income of 755,000 euros and expanding the current job offer. In addition, as Soro explained, we are improving the airport's competitiveness because "we are completing all the activities involved in the aircraft maintenance process." In the first months, the concessionaire will be exempt from paying the canon while the hangar is adapted to the painting work and the necessary permits are obtained for the development of the activity.

The project for the construction of a hangar and a ship to carry out activities with airships is also already being drafted.

At this time, a total of 96 aircraft are parked at the Teruel Airport. The maximum number of aircraft parked this year has been 110, a figure much higher than those of the years prior to the pandemic, which were around 80.

Regarding takeoff and landing operations in 2022, two more significant moments have been observed. On the one hand, in the month of February and responding to an increase in the number of flights by airlines after the pandemic. On the other hand, in the month of May and due to the increase in flights from pilot schools. In the month of May there were more than 180 air operations.

Responsibility with innovation

Teruel Airport also seeks to be a benchmark in terms of innovation. In this sense, since 2020, it has participated in four European projects that have as a common denominator the use and better recycling of aircraft components. We collaborate in the BIZENTE, HELACS, VIBES and EOLO HUB projects. As Minister Soro has pointed out, it is a matter of responsibility "to contribute our collaboration in this field of research, also being useful in the search for an improvement in recycling".

José Luis Soro Balance Aeropuerto de Teruel 2022

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