Teruel Airport, a high flight business

Source: Cinco Días July 31, 2019

The Aragonese public entity is today the largest parking, maintenance and recycling platform for aircraft in Europe.

Teruel is not a conventional airport. Out of the frantic passenger swoop, aircraft wander here - large and at various stages of their useful life - since they were put into operation seven years ago. A unique airfield in Spain, hence its success, belonging to the Government of Aragon (60%) and the City of Teruel (40%), which has become the largest parking, maintenance and recycling platform for aircraft in Europe.

Known among its clients from more than 40 countries - English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Brazilian ... - as PLATA (Teruel Airport Platform), its most artistic and commercial name, this public consortium is responsible for managing both infrastructures such as the investments of the 340 hectares that make up the installation, in which nine people work and receive annual operating income of about three million euros in 2019 that exceeds 50% of operating expenses, achieving profitability in a few years of operation and surpassing revenues to about 20 airports in the national network, explains Alejandro Ibrahim Perera, its first General Director since 2012.

Resources come from the fees, rates and prices charged to airlines, concessionaires and various clients that operate there and that provide preservation services (long-stay accommodation), maintenance and recovery of aircraft, and other pioneering projects such as rocket engine tests among others of aerial work, flight school, drones, aeronautical logistics, etc., details Alejandro Ibrahim.

At present, there are several companies that employ about 400 workers, in addition to the indirect ones generated by the works, logistics or the need for subcontractors. "We are the only airport in Spain dedicated in an innovative way to aeronautical activity and which is focused on environmental industrial reconversion," he adds. The good forecasts mean that for its strong growth it will continue to be invested and soon great works of a double superhangar with a capacity of up to two A380s will begin, a painting aircraft hangar with a capacity of up to A350 and the extension in 37,000 square meters of the parking platform .

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Cross of the Aeronautical Merit with Distinctive White to the Director of Teruel Airport Alejandro Ibrahim Perera

The director of Teruel Airport, Alejandro Ibrahim Perera, has been distinguished with the Cross of Aeronautic Merit with Distinctive White.
Last Friday, January 4, 2019, the Official State Gazette (BOE) published this distinction. With this distinction stands out the work of members of the three armies, the Civil Guard and other civilians for the realization of actions and events or the provision of services of outstanding merit.

Since 2013, the Teruel Airport has collaborated with the Air Force in the Zaragoza Air Base and in the European advanced tactical transport course where training flights of European transport pilots are carried out in the Teruel airport in two periods per year.

Alejandro Ibrahim is, since September 2012, the general manager and manager of the Teruel Airport Consortium, the largest parking center and MRO in Europe, whose ownership is public and shared between the Government of Aragon and the City of Teruel.

In six and a half years, the aeronautical industrial airport has become a success in its business model. Ibrahim holds a Ph.D. in Aeronautical Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, an Executive MBA from the Business Institute of Madrid, IE, a Master's Degree in Computing from the Microsoft Institute, a degree in Economics and an aviation pilot, and an Aviation Security Instructor certified by the Agency. State Air Safety, AESA. He is currently Chairman of the Committees on Operational Safety, Airport Security, Self-Protection and Emergency, and Flora and Fauna at the airport; Vice President of the Aeronautical Cluster of Aragón, AERA; Treasurer of the Spanish Association of RPAS (AERPAS); Member of Mensa Internacional, of the Spanish Aeronautical Society, of the Transport and Logistics Commission of the CEOE Aragón and of three committees of RPAS experts in AESA.

He has an extensive and prestigious career in leading aeronautical companies and experience as a teacher at the Polytechnic University of Madrid and Carlos III. He has published numerous articles, projects, speeches and specialized books of the aeronautical and aerospace sector, as well as conferences in various universities and prestigious institutions. He was also for more than 9 years Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Association of Aeronautical Engineers of Spain and member of the Council of Representatives of the Institute of Engineering of Spain, being President of the Business Management Committee.

In recent years he has obtained the Quality Innovation Award 2018; Gold Medal for Merit of Work 2018; European Prize for Management and Business Innovation; European Award for Business Quality; 2017 Executive Prize of Aragón and 2015 Revelation Company Award by the Editorial Unit Group. It has also obtained in the Consortium the Social Responsibility seal of Aragon 2017, 2018 and plus in 2019.

This recognition also values ​​the work that is developing in the growth of the airport infrastructure of Teruel, PLATA.
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The award means also the step to the international competition that will be trumped in Pekin in February.

Premio Aeropuerto de Teruel

 The director of the Airport of Teruel, Alejandro Ibrahim, has gathered the QIA award given to the Consorcio of the Airport of Teruel, with that it puts in value on the industrial nature of this public infrastructure and the innovative character of the activities that develop in the same one.

The counselor of Vertebración of the Territory, Mobility and Housing, José Luis Soro, has emphasized that with this award it is recognized “a good labor in the approach of the airport and a joint work of the administrations, the companies and the society of Teruel that have achieved that the Airport of Teruel is a modal of success”

Besides the recognition delivered today, the Consorcio of the Airport of Teruel goes on to the international phase that will be chosen to the winners of every category. It is about a few award stimulated by the National Association of Centers Promoters of the Excellence-CEX, that looks for the development of the culture of the quality, the innovation and the excellence. The Aragonese Institute of Promotion (IAF), forms a part of this association. The juror is composed by experts of ANECA, the National Agency of Evaluation and Quality.

Aragonese Company

Also the company Biocurve has been rewarded in the category of Responsible Innovations.