foto junto helicóptero a ibrahim
Alejandro Ibrahim
Director of Teruel Airport

Teruel International Airport is an industrial-aeronautical HUB, located on the EUROPEAN AEROSPACE INDUSTRY, and it is recognized as the aeronautical platform of Teruel, PLATA.

The hub is ideal for its industrial-aeronautical capabilities with the following characteristics that define it unique:

  • 340 hectares for airport development
  • The biggest MRO platform in Europe
  • Space for at least 250 long-term aircraft parking
  • A free-congestion international airport
  • Easy access to all services and high quality employees
  • Great place to stablish Base for Business and Aerospace Aviation activities

PLATA is owned by a Consortium formed by the Government of Aragon and Teruel City Council, and it does not belong to AENA Group. It is designed to be an open platform in a strategic location where aeronautical companies around the world could base their operations in a very competitive  conditions.

Near Toulouse, Teruel is located between the largest cities in Spain: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Zaragoza and Bilbao (60% of Spanish GDP and more than 20 million people in the 400 km surroundings).

PLATA is an appropriate Aero-Industrial site, offering to the companies the most favorable opportunities for locating and expanding their aeronautical and aerospace business.

In addition, PLATA is well known for its leadership and expertise in maintenance, MRO, parking and recycling for aircraft and helicopters. PLATA is also endeavoring new business for executive and general aviation, UAV-RPA research & developments, and other aerospace activities.

Moreover, it is noteworthy the modern airport infrastructure, its flexible features allowing in future the possibility to expand to passenger traffic and air cargo, as an alternative development for the Airport.

PLATA offers exceptional economical operating conditions for those companies willing to establish at the airport to carry out any aeronautical activity. The Consortium has advantages packages for landing fees, rental of camp, hangar rental and possibility to sale industrial land.

Investment and Incentives: The Government of Aragon offers incentives for those new companies willing to set up operations at PLATA, through investing in new activities, hiring and training new staff, and assistance with job-creation schemes, R&D and technological innovation activities, etc.

PLATA thanks all aviation sector companies for their support and interest. PLATA expects to continue growing at a steady pace to provide the best service to our customers.