History of airport

PLATA is built on the old Caudé aerodrome, which was used during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). It was later used as an artillery range by the Spanish Air Force. It covered an area of 2,043,600 m2, now are 3.400.000 m2. This site was used historically for military aeronautical activities because of its exceptional climate conditions, location and low density of air traffic.


20/12/2016 Seal of Social Responsability of Aragon 2017.
17/12/2016 Road asphalt in hangar zone.
28/9/2016 Flight School Inauguration.
2/7/2016 Visit of the Vicepresident of the Goverment of Spain.
13/6/2016 Work and completion of parking long-term paving phase II.
2/2016 total maximum parking annual with 84 aircraft.
2/2016 A400M test.
17/12/2015 Prize revelalation 2015 Actualidad Económica magazine.
24/10/2015 Arrival of 24 aircraft at the weekend.
7-17/9/2015 European Advanced Airlift Tactics Training Course, EATTC.
16/1/2015 Initiation work and commissioning platform with fuel services.
24/9/2014 A330 arrival from Dallas (EEUU).
11/3/2014 Paving Campa long stay parking.
17/07/2014: 112 and forestry helicopters arrival.
06/08/2013: First wide body aircraft arrival.
30/10/2013: UAV Congress.
01/03/2012: Completion of the hangar.
15/03/2011: Construction of the hangar.
19/09/2010: Completion of the public works.
14/03/2010: Concreting of the maintenance area.
15/11/2009: Completion of the levelling process and partial paving of the runway.
12/07/2009: Commencement of the branch line providing a connection to the rail network.
01/03/2009: Commencement of work on the airport platform.

1936 Beginning.