Teruel International Airport is a leading Aerospace Hub in the Aeronautic and Air Transport sector that brings together a top-level business network in different areas of expertise and responds to strong development, environmental reconversion and aerospace growth in its core activities, as they are:

  • Long-term aircraft parking: Teruel Airport is the largest aircraft parking center in Europe and has a unique space to develop long-term aircraft parking activity, with capacity for up to 400 large aircraft. It has exceptional weather conditions for preservation, dry and semi-desert climate and more than 252 days of Sun per year.
  • Maintenance of Commercial Aircraft, MRO: Airplanes parking in the field require maintenance for their optimum flight conditions. The maintenance is carried out in the two hangars that the airport has, one of them with capacity to hold up to a type B747 and the other with capacity for aircraft of similar size to the A320.
  • Aircraft recycling and dismantling: the reconversion of aircraft into a sustainable and environmentally friendly project is carried out at the airport. In this process, up to 90% of the total weight of the aircraft is recovered and even higher amounts are expected to be recovered. This activity is developed on a platform enabled and located behind the hangars.
  • Medical helicopters Base: The Air Service of Sanitary Transport and Emergencies of 112, currently operates in the airport during all the days of the year. They have a hangar next to the parking platform for own maintenance activities as well as parking the helicopter. They also have a Jet A1 fuel tank next to the helicopter platform.
  • Commercial Aviation Pilots School: The airport has a permanent flight school that provides integrated flight training for commercial pilots who are hired from the world's major airlines. They have offices in the airport terminal and impart theoretical and practical training with several aircraft.
  • R & D in the Aerospace Sector: the airport promotes and encourages the development of new aerospace technologies in a highly specialized, competitive environment with excellent conditions and rapid adaptation to new sector requirements, such as aircraft prototypes, design of RPAS / UAVS, instrumental approaches by satellites, automatic systems of meteorology, control systems and presentation of control of airfield, etc.
  • Engine test bench: there are several test benches for liquid fuel rocket engines, unique in Europe with ESA collaboration. Suborbital vehicle engines are tested prior to commissioning. They are metal benches in which the rocket engine is integrated to carry out ignitions statically in safe conditions.
  • Aircraft fuel supply: JET A1 and AVGAS aviation fuel service is guaranteed on refueling and fuel extraction platforms with enabled tanks.
  • Center of excellence for RPAS (UAVS): tests are carried out at the airport for aerial prototypes of new implementation and certification, segregation of temporary space for tests with CIDEFO / AESA / ENAIRE, organization of congresses and specialized courses, projects of RPA developments with novel applied technologies.
  • General Aviation: This activity covers all civil aviation operations other than scheduled air services or non-scheduled air transport operations for remuneration or lease, such as flight schools, air operations and private aviation that complete the aviation offer.
  • Air Works: this activity is a commercial operation, other than commercial air transport, in which an aircraft is used for specialized operations, for example in agriculture, construction, photography, prospecting, observation and patrolling, search and rescue, aerial advertising, etc.
  • Aircraft tests: aircraft tests and prototypes are carried out at the airport, examples of which are engine tests in which aircraft are directed to one of the runway heads to perform them under optimum safety conditions.
  • Operational and maintenance base for executive aviation: spaces and specialized technical personnel, TMA, are offered for the development of executive aviation with the maximum guarantees and quality.
  • Aircraft painting and conditioning: in the strategic plan and as the activity increases, it is planned to have additional aircraft painting services as well as modifications of cabin or parts of the aircraft.
  • Military transport and air force: we are part of the Flight Support Center for the European Advanced Airlift Tactics Training Course, EATTC, in conjunction with Zaragoza Air Base and European Defence Agency, EDA.
  • Miscellaneous: prototype developments, manufacturing and aerospace assembly: The strong evolution of the Teruel Industrial Platform allows the development of design, projects and manufacture of the aerospace sector.